BETTER Business

BETTER: Business is an event series to help navigate real needs when it comes to bettering your business.

We were tired of the free cocktail events that provided networking opportunities but lacked intentionality. The frustration in being able to put together beautiful moodboards and create social strategies but still being novices in business 101.

We created BETTER Business because WE needed it. And we wanted to share in what it meant to learn in a safe space with no stupid questions and budding strong foundations together.


July 25 - 

  • BETTER Biz, Highland Park - LA, SIGN UP NOW


  • August 24 - BETTER Biz, NYC
  • Sept 29 - BETTER Biz, Austin
  • Oct 13 - BETTER Biz, Mid City - LA
  • Nov 16 - BETTER Biz, Portland




    Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? In need of clarity and direction in terms of business?

    Meet Executive and Business Coaches (like Janet Wood and Kristen Sergeant), who help mine for core values and aid in helping feel unstuck in work and passion projects and direction.


    Budgeting? Small biz tax questions? Investing?

    Better Biz helps in becoming more financially strong with experts like Neela Hummel, (certified Financial Planner), Paco de Leon of the Hell Yeah Group and Laura Schnider of CPA Collective.

    LLC or S-Corp? Trademarks? Copyrights?

    Find the legal support from lawyers who understand creatives and small business nuances. We work with lawyers like Adrienne Alexander and Wilkmazz to answer those questions.