BACK TO THE BALLOT: Voter Education & Awareness Event

Los Angeles - Oct 11, 12 13. BACK TO THE BALLOT was a three-day event focused on voter awareness. The exhibition and programming included an art gallery entitled Protest, as curated and hosted by Art Share LA and conversations with figureheads and thought leaders in the Los Angeles area.

Our purpose was to encourage voter registration as well as provide information on voting rights as we approach November 6th 2018.


"Understanding WTF is on the Ballot" was created by Sara Mitchell of Planned Parenthood and her trusted resources and contacts for our BACK TO THE BALLOT event Oct 11-13, 2018. Unbiased and nonpartisan, please print it, share it, keep it, take it with you as you head to the polls this November 6th.






Opening event requires an RSVP to, all other events are open to the public.